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If not now, then when_ 🤔 Windows of opportunity are just that, windows--and most windows don't stay
That's why it's so important to cast down and #reject wrong thinking
Because then we improperly assess the value of what God is doing in our lives and risk forfeiting al
The word for today! Just try--and then try again. Free yourself from false expectations and daunting
Because you wouldn't learn any other way, or the lesson wouldn't mean as much, or you wouldn't grow
Every tear. Every hurt. Every frustration. Every pain. He knows the deep things
God is so glad you prayed! Your prayers release ministering angels. Your prayers alter outcomes. You
And that's just half the story! I'm the real deal #proven #earneddoctorate I've taught and helped hu
Just loving people, flaws and all, is freeing. Jesus knew they would crucify him, and yet he never s
Be encouraged or be discouraged--it's your choice
Keep pushing...
Regardless of whether you hid them last week or last decade, they exist
Just in case you were wondering..._Just in case you needed permission..._Just in case you forgot..